Class Schedule


  7-8pm Musical Theatre I
  5-9pm Private Voice lessons


  4-4:45 -Broadway Kids II
  4:50-5:35- Broadway Kids I
  5:40-6:25- Broadway Kids II
  6:30-7:15 Acting I
  7:15-8:15 Musical Theatre I 
  8:15-? Private Voice lessons

  6:30-7:15- Tap I/II
  7:15-8:15- Jazz I/ll

  4-4:45pm- Broadway Kids II
  4:45-5:30- Group Voice
  5:35-6:20- Broadway Kids I
  6:25-7:25- Musical Theatre II (gr 9/10)
  7:30-8:15- Acting II
  8:15-9:15- Musical Theatre II (gr 11/12)

  5:30-8pm- Private Voice lessons


  9:45-10:30 Broadway Kids I/II

Class Descriptions (and current availability)

Broadway Kids

An introduction to Acting and Musical Theater. Students will learn the basics of acting, singing, and dance as they apply to Musical Theater. Each class will consist of warm-ups, technique exercises, and games.

Broadway Kids I = grades K-2          
Broadway Kids II = grades 3-5

Group Voice

Students will learn how to sing in a group and as a soloist. Through weekly vocal exercises and song preparation, students will begin to develop their own singing voice.

Open to students in grades 2-5

Acting I & II

(Middle and High school)   For students who wish to develop into a well rounded actor. We will work on different acting styles and techniques though weekly scene study and monologue preparation. Students will also work on commercial acting and improvisation. Great for students interested in auditioning for theater productions or college programs!

Acting I = grades 6-8  

 Acting II = grades 9-12

Musical Theatre I & II

(Middle and High school) Especially geared for dedicated Musical Theatre students interested in singing, dancing, and acting. Students will work on improving their skills in the 3 areas through weekly coachings and group work. Throughout the year students will have the opportunity to work on solos, small group, and full class numbers. These classes have many performance opportunities throughout the community!
MT I = grades 6-8
MT II= grades 9-12

Jazz for Musical Theatre I & II

Jazz for Musical Theater I- This class exposes the musical theater student to the essential elements of movement through jazz dance. Emphasis is placed on body awareness, performance dynamics, and learning choreography.

Jazz for Musical Theater II- Similar to Musical Theater Dance I, this class further explores the concepts of jazz dance in relation to the stage. Dancers will be challenged with choreography, utilization of artistry, and breadth of Broadway styles.

Grades 6-12

Tap for Musical Theatre I & II

Rhythm, footwork, and sound are explored in this introduction to tap technique. Students will understand tap from a historical context through traditional and contemporary styles. Great to build and hone your tapping abilities!

Grades 6-12

Private Voice Lessons

For students who would like individualized attention in their vocal studies. Students will work with a private instructor to improve their technique, and become a better overall singer! Lessons are offered weekly or bi-weekly.
Open to all students grades K-12